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Khari Johnson is a senior AI staff writer at VentureBeat and a former reporter and photographer for CityFlight Magazine. She also contributes to WIRED, a magazine about technology. She is based in San Francisco and is a native of the United States. She holds a Masters in Journalism from Columbia University.

Khari Johnson is a senior AI staff writer at VentureBeat

Khari Johnson is a senior AI staffer at VentureBeat who covers emerging technologies, policy and ethics. Before joining VentureBeat, she was a reporter at NewCo and a local editor at Patch. She also contributed to WIRED. Khari has won several awards for her work and is a frequent speaker on AI and the future of the workplace.

Several members of Congress have asked Big Tech companies to be more responsible and stop using AI for evil. They are concerned that AI can be misused to spread disinformation, hate and distrust for profit. They are also concerned about the impact on democracy and economic competition. If these technologies are used to enslave people, lawmakers may be viewed as untrustworthy.

Before joining VentureBeat, Khai began her career as a reporting intern at the Colorado Springs Gazette. She then went on to work as a Visual Storyteller Greater San Diego, taking pictures and HD videos for local businesses. In addition, she was a contributing writer at San Diego News Network.

Khari is a former editor at VentureBeat

Khari Johnson is a former editor at the tech news website VentureBeat. Before joining the news site, Khai worked for several publications, including the Colorado Springs Gazette and Business 2.0 Magazine in the San Francisco Bay Area. He was also a reporter and photographer at the San Diego News Network. He now works as a senior staff writer at WIRED.

Johnson joined the publication in June 2016 as a senior staff writer. His past work includes reporting on technology trends and the intersection of policy and ethics. He also writes about AI for the company’s AI Channel. In addition to writing for the site, Khari has also contributed to various publications.

Khari was a reporter and photographer at CityFlight Magazine

Khari Johnson is a writer and photographer who has worked in San Francisco, California since 2008. Before joining CityFlight, he served as a reporter and photographer for the Colorado Springs Gazette and Enterprise 2.0 Journal. He is an American citizen and a member of the black ethnic group. His educational background includes a journalism degree from the San Francisco State College and a few years in the Netherlands, where he attended the Hogeschool van Utrect.

Johnson also works as a multimedia artist. His works are exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, and Munich. His zines have been included in the MET Library. His photography has appeared in numerous publications and exhibitions. His work is displayed in galleries throughout the country, including the Newark Museum of Art and Rutgers University – Newark.

Khari’s writing is passionate and provoking. Johnson’s work has been published in a variety of magazines and on several radio shows. He has also written for the Voice of San Diego and Real Future, a division of Univision. He was the first hire for the AI Channel at VentureBeat, and was also a contributing writer to AI Weekly.

Khari is a senior staff writer at WIRED

Khari Johnson is a senior staff writer for WIRED magazine in San Francisco, California. She joined WIRED in April 2021 after working for other publications. Previously, she was a senior staff writer at VentureBeat. She is an American citizen of black ethnicity.

Khari’s writing spans science, culture, and technology. She has previously contributed to CNN Money, the San Francisco Chronicle, Univision, and the Voice of San Diego. She has also started a non-profit, Through the Cracks, to support aspiring media entrepreneurs worldwide. Khari is very excited to join WIRED as a staff writer.

Prior to joining WIRED, Khari Johnson was a reporter for the tech news site VentureBeat, where she covered artificial intelligence, ethics, and policy. She also contributed to the Voice of San Diego and Real Future, a Univision magazine. She was also a founder of the AI Channel at VentureBeat, where she reported on how the technologies are being integrated into society.

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