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Krista Monaco is an Australian actress who was born in Adelaide. She has worked for a number of high profile companies and has appeared on numerous television shows. She also holds a degree in English and is a qualified nurse. She currently lives in Sydney, Australia and has a daughter.

Michelle Rounds

When Michelle Rounds married Rosie O’ Donnell in June of 2012, she became a proud mother of her daughter, Dakota. She later remarried to Krista Monteleone, and the two shared a daughter. The two lived together in Windermere, Florida.

It’s not clear why she died, but her family says she took her own life. The medical examiner’s office has not said if it was suicide, but it’s suspected.

Michelle Rounds was born in Corning, New York, on May 10, 1971. She was a graduate of the State University of New Paltz. She was a recruiter for Modis in New York. She also worked for a leading IT staffing firm. She enjoyed golfing and boxing. She was a high-class “tom boy” with a bright smile and long, flowing red hair.

Early life

The early life of Krista Monteleone is nothing short of spectacular. From the sexy one-liners of her ex-hubby to the plethora of children they were blessed with, their household is nothing short of a family of champions. As you’ll find out below, they took home all the prizes at the office Christmas party. For the record, this is not the only family that they’ve inherited. There are a slew of other notables in their illustrious line of work. Fortunately, a little research goes a long way in weeding out the good from the bad.

In addition to being a patty cake, Michelle Rounds was a true professional. She was no slouch, claiming to have worked for Wall Street’s biggest names. In fact, she had an assistant’s job at a large investment bank before moving on to her dream job at Modis, where she toonily became their top recruiter in the tristate area. In the ensuing decade, she has gone on to become a real estate magnate. In fact, it is said that she is now the owner of more properties than anyone else on the continent.


Michelle Rounds and Krista Monteleone have been married for a few years now and while their marriage was not for the faint of heart, they did manage to tango for a while. They are reportedly keeping things civil in the Windermere area of Florida. In addition to being a couple, they also have a child. They have the distinction of being the first celebrity couples to make a nuclear family.

The roundup would include Michelle’s mother, father, her bff Carmen Ortega, and their new son Dax. They are the proud parents of a handsome boy who is a stud and an awesome human being. They have been spotted on the town numerous times and were spotted having dinner outside the library and in the neighborhood parks. Their relationship is a work in progress but they are still on the up and up.


Despite a seemingly quiet existence in Florida, Michelle Rounds and Krista Monteleone’s children are not going unnoticed. The Daily Mail recently shared a photo of the couple, raising their glasses in toast as they dined in Windermere, Florida. Although the photographer did not specify when the pictures were taken, it appears they are from the recent past.

Rounds was married to Rosie O’Donnell in 2012 and the couple were separated in 2015. After a divorce, O’Donnell and Rounds gained custody of their daughter Dakota. However, when the couple separated, O’Donnell decided to take her to California with her to live with her parents, despite Rounds’ wishes. It seems Rounds took her own life on February 2, 2017.

Rounds and O’Donnell adopted Dakota in January 2013. The couple’s youngest child, the girl was born with a genetic defect that caused her to be disabled. The girl is now eleven years old and she is in the same school as her brother, Max Alexander Haupt. They also have a biological daughter, Jane Louise, who is five.


As the wife of former MLB pitcher Ralph Monteleone, it should come as no surprise that Krista Monteleone has an extensive list of colleagues. With more than 50 years under her belt, the aforementioned female has a rolodex to rival the most seasoned pro. She is also a proud mother of two and is always juggling her busy schedule. In addition to her responsibilities as a philanthropist, Krista is a DOT/PF geek with a penchant for the odd ball. She is the go-to person for maintenance questions, especially when it comes to figuring out what the heck is a problem with the DOT/PF’s newest fad, the DOT/PF mini van.

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